Goin’ Fast & Straight-Line Chasin’….

Staging lanes at B-I-R
Gettin' ready for action at B-I-R...

The MSRA started this shindig about five years ago – renting B-I-R for 1/8-mile and 1/4-mile drag racing for members only. They call it the “Super Secret Fun Run”. The 2010 version was held over the weekend of August 28 & 29. First time I’ve made it to this event, took the trip a little bit on the spur of the moment, but totally glad those cronies of mine talked me into it. Longest road trip so far for the Nova, but it cruised down the road like a champ. 

I’d probably have taken a lot more pictures, but wouldn’t you know it? I neglected to charge my camera battery before I left.  So as the day wore on, the nice little “battery power” icon on the top of my camera was showing fewer and fewer bars. And where’s the charger and the spare battery?

At home.

But no matter, I think I might be hooked. And I think I might see you there next year!

Photos here:    www.kalbergcomm.zenfolio.com/p167430432

2 Replies to “Goin’ Fast & Straight-Line Chasin’….”

  1. Hello Sir

    I have a 64 Sedan also and I have a question about the rear fender badges. In all the parts catalogs there are no available 64 rear fender badges. But on my 64 I can see the outline of a badge just like yours. Is it because it is a 400/Nova package? Great looking car by the way. Cant wait to get my Nova on the highway some day. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the comment and question – I really don’t know the answer to your question; my car title doesn’t indicate a specific model. This is the first Chevy II I’ve owned. If you haven’t already done so, you may want to register over at http://www.stevesnovasite.com
      There are lots of experts on these cars over there, I’m sure if you post your question you’ll get your answer. Good luck!

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