Vintiques Rod Run: Edition #31

A solid-gold Saturday morning at the Terry Redlin Art Center.

September 10 – Erik and I loaded the Nova (lightly – ‘cuz us boys don’t need no stinkin’ stuff….!)  and headed west into the darkening skies. Ran through a little rain on the way, just enough to mess up the car’s flawlessly detailed finish! Right. Didn’t touch it again all weekend! I felt sorry for those poor souls sweating it out in the middle of sundrenched Kemp Avenue on Saturday afternoon, doing what the wax directions tell you not to do and applying it in the direct sunlight. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Anybody know where registration is?

We drove around Lake Kampeska and at least half of downtown, after the nice lady in Erik’s GPS-equipped Droid kept telling us where to turn to find “Memorial Park”. No dice. Even followed a bunch of street rods, figuring they must know where they’re going. Guess not.

So we elected to check into the motel, unpacked (lightly!) and headed out in search of threads.  Target  and Shopko later, we had a trunk full of bags with clothes for every occasion as long as the dress code included jeans and t-shirts. Saturday, I told Erik why do we need to register? We’ll see some sights on our own and just head uptown when we’re ready. Missed the garage tour, but we substituted the Redlin Art Center instead and I think we both came away with new appreciation for Terry Redlin’s talent.  From there, a quick stop at Sears to check out the tool department and uptown we went.  We took the cheapskates’ way out and parked on the sidestreet. Whoa… 365 cars registered this year. We took a couple hours to browse, snap some pictures and yak with a few people we knew. We had planned to head for home Saturday evening anyway, but not sticking around for the poker run and meal meant we could roll home a little earlier than scheduled. All in all, a fun mini-trip and if you’re a gearhead it’s almost a must-do at least once, especially since it’s so close to home. 

Maybe we’ll do the whole deal next year – probably won’t have quite as much shopping to do!

Photos here:

One Reply to “Vintiques Rod Run: Edition #31”

  1. I agree with you Terry, the time it took to find out where to register, and the garage tour meeting place was tough to find, and a long ways out of town. But, I see and understand why they did it that way. The garage tour was very good, and that town is just full of gear heads. Very nice shops and floors that you could eat off of.

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