The REAL Reason….

….I have an old car is, without a doubt, to drive it.

Check the photo and you can see that my old Chevy II  has been pretty busy over the last five months.  That dawned on me thusly: had the steering wheel off and the column partially torn apart the other night so I could determine whether my turn signal switch – which needs replacing – is an early or late-production.  Staring at the dash for so long, I remembered that there was a photo of the odometer included in some  random photos taken earlier in the season. So I pulled the card out of the camera and located the image, double-checking what the reading was when I started driving it this year.  On June 5 the odometer read 23,657 miles.  That night, a nippy November 6, the tally was 25, 272. And I don’t think I’m completely done yet. As long as the snow holds off, I’ll drive it. I drive it ’cause it’s fun to drive. The freshly-installed heater core and the new defroster hoses work just fine. Gaps in the vintage weatherstripping (another project that needs doing!) mean it’s drafty, but I manage. By the time I get to work, about a three to four-mile drive, the heater is already starting to warm up the cabin. Life is pretty good.

So I pulled the Nova out of the garage a weekend ago, heading downtown so I could go re-stock the pantry, fridge, and freezer. (Feel free to insert your “grocery-getter” comments here!)  That’s what these things were built to do: transport us.  The kid who helped me load my groceries said, “Nice car!” as he stacked bags of groceries in the back seat. I thanked him, and told him it was just a toy. And as we all know, toys are meant to be played with.

I rest my case.

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