The Gang’s All Here

Well, I had good intentions. Had a list of stuff I wanted to do at this year’s MSRA Back to the Fifties. Trouble was, it was just going to be one day: Saturday. We caravanned through the Twin Cities traffic, filtered into the parking lot across from the fairgrounds, and finally found ourselves in the middle of things.
Then time ran out.
I’m serious. That list I mentioned? Trash it. We spent too much time hanging with friends, bumping into people I hadn’t seen in a long time, and taking in the sights. Oh, and of course shooting a couple of photos now and then when I could get the crowds to part long enough to point a camera.
But the thing is, I really shouldn’t be too worried that I didn’t get to make all the stops I wanted to make. We were, after all, hanging out with friends and getting caught up on their stories.
I guess “Back to the 50’s” is not really about lists of things to do, is it?
See you next year.


(Photo from MSRA Back to the Fifties Weekend – 2011)

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