Withdrawal…. a Temporary Thing.

Well, here it is full-on car season again. And I’m in the same situation I’ve been in any number of times: car apart, in a half-dozen piles of parts in my garage. But that won’t stop me from being involved in car stuff. “Yah”, you say, “but what fun is it going to old car things if you don’t have an old car on the road?”

Anybody who’s been messing with old cars for awhile will tell you that the fun is not all about the old cars. It’s about the people you meet and hang with while you’re messing with the old cars. So my car buddies, some of whom have logged over thirty years on the Christmas card list, keep talking me into it. Rain or shine, we’re there – giving each other guff, kidding around, acting about half our age and embarrassing our kids. It’s a habit I just can’t shake. Even though I have other interests,  somehow a good share of my weekends and their limited hours wind up revolving around cars. And in an off-year like this one when I don’t have a car of my own to cruise in, I still like going to events. Participation breeds motivation to get my own car back on the road… especially seeing the progress as one of my buddies has been working on this:

But I’ll still go through “withdrawal”.  Especially after the past couple of seasons, when I’ve been fortunate enough to put in a lot of driving time behind the wheel of my Chevy II. This year will be different. This year, though I’ll go to events and hang with buddies and shoot photos and all that, it won’t be quite as memorable seeing the road through a modern windshield. In the meantime I’ll take refuge in the garage, collect parts as the budget allows, work on it when the schedule permits, and know that this withdrawal thing I’m experiencing is just a state of mind. And best of all, it’s only temporary.

See you on the road.

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