The “Minnesota Street Rod Nationals”

The year was 1974. The NSRA brought the Street Rod Nationals to St. Paul, and that first edition turned out so well they did it again… and again.. and again! Several times. As host club for the Nats, the Minnesota Street Rod Association handled its duties well enough that the Minnesota State Fairgrounds became one of the Nats’ most favored venues.


Today, thousands of cars return to those same hallowed grounds each year for the MSRA’s “Back to the Fifties Weekend”, an event that literally dwarfs the car counts of those earlier Street Rod Nationals. I think that’s a big testament to the venue AND to the club that has a long tradition of hosting events there.

Let’s take a look back at the first edition of the “Minnesota Street Rod Nationals”… held in St. Paul in 1974 and hosted by the Minnesota Street Rod Association. 

And here are a couple more, these from the 1979 Nats in St. Paul. Recognize any of these cars? I have hundreds of photos from all the St. Paul NSRA Street Rod Nationals: 1977, 1979, 1982, 1985 and 1989. They may at some point be reloaded to an online gallery and if/when I do, you’ll read about it here!

Doesn’t seem all that long ago, really. Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy, and feel free to add your comments below. Until we meet again……

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