Midsummer… Already?

As near as I can tell, an extended winter (on our part of the map at least) sprouted right into: Bam! Pow! Ninety degrees, skeeters, t-storms and dewpoints…   So now, the days are starting to get shorter but there are still plenty of drives yet to be made.

2013 Car Craft Summer Nats

Rusty Eyeball Reunion

Yup, my Chevy II is still a garage car. Updates might be coming, umm.. soon. But in the meantime we must hit a few car gatherings to keep the juices flowing and the inspiration alive. I think to myself on the way back from the Twin Cities and the Car Craft Summer Nationals, “What a perfect night for a drive. Let’s get some of that cool twilight air in here, open those vents…” Oops.  No vents. This is a Jeep Grand Cherokee, not a Nova. But as I think about how this trip could be… SHOULD be.. (remembering many other evening highways I’ve travelled in my old cars) I know I need to get back to the garage.

Is there such a thing as a “Mid-Year’s Resolution”?

So in the meantime, got some new gearhead gathering overviews in the gallery that you might like.

Get those cars out of the garage and enjoy them. Drive!


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