Fresh Year, Fresh Air?

In my neighborhood, most people would think it’s a little odd to be cruising around in any kind of old car this time of year… let alone a channeled, fenderless open-air “A”.



So let’s break some rules. The above pic, taken years ago in front of the old Venturas club garage, was a legit midwinter cruise. The late Dave Briscoe’s main objective was to give us nay-sayers something to knaw on.

“You think you’re a hard-core roadster pilot? Watch this!!”  Still wearing his trademark Cheshire-cat grin, Dave flung the words over his shoulder as he skated away down an ice-covered street. It would take a gentle touch and plenty of finesse to avoid swapping ends. And the roadster wasn’t even his.

You’ll also note, he was making the trip alone.  The rest of us that were hanging around that day might have been a little crazy, but we weren’t dumb.

Fast forward about ten years. Just for fun, following Dave’s lead I started a tradition and took our ’39 Ford coupe out for a spin on New Year’s Day. And every New Year’s Day since, at least every year I’ve had a driveable car, I’ve done the same thing. Maybe it’s so I can toss a playful gibe at the weenies who won’t take the car covers off if there’s a cloud in the sky or a drop of rain on the road. But more than that, I just think it’s the best possible way to start the New Year.

How about  you?


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