Willie and Me

Kind of a cryptic title for a post, but what I’m referring to is that classic Willie Nelson tune “On the Road Again”. For some odd reason, that song crept into my head as I was on the road home, behind the wheel of the newest old garage-stall-filler. This is a veteran with more than a few rough edges, but it sailed down the road like a champ. It currently sits quietly in my driveway, marking its spot. I’m on the road again. Feels great.


The project ’64 Chevy II is dragging out, taking far too long. I was getting tired of not having some kind of old iron to drive and found this ’55 Ford a couple hours away from me. I absolutely did not need it. But I wanted it: Y-block V-8, column-shifted 3-speed with working overdrive, oil leaks and patina out the wazoo. It’ll live at my place until the Chevy is back together. Then? Maybe I’ll pass it along to someone else, maybe not. But in the meantime, if you happen to see me “On the Road Again“, gimme a nod.

I’ll be the guy with the big grin.

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