Meandering, again.

First, there’s the Arts Meander , a great reason to hit the road the first weekend in October.

Real vintage tin at the “Red Barn” – a popular Meander stop.

Then, along the way there’s Madison, Minnesota where the Scandinavian heritage runs deep. In fact, the town mascot is known as Lou T. Fisk, a massive fiberglass codfish that greets visitors along Madison’s west end. This particular weekend, Madison was also celebrating a German-sounding celebration called Octoberfest. As many local celebrations do, this one included a car show. The 2016 version was held on prime Highway 75 frontage just a few blocks from the corner where Mr. Fisk lives. The weather was perfect on this October Saturday, so I took advantage of the day.


Snapped a few photos, caught up with folks I hadn’t seen in awhile, and capped it off by grabbing lunch with friends at Madison’s legendary Pantry Café (home of the best beef commercials in Lac Qui Parle county!). Thanks to Dan Wilson and crew; the Madison chamber; music maestro/emcee/all around good guy Maynard Meyer; and the Madison royalty who presented the awards. By the way, they really did have more door prizes than they could give away. Before presenting awards, emcee Maynard asked any registrants who didn’t have their names called during the drawings to come up and pick something. That, my friends, is hospitality!

For pics, click here.

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