“T” Time!

This is what happens when a long-time gearhead has a completed car, extra (?!) space in the shop, and a hankering to do something other than gaze at an electronic device.

Call it “T” time. Bro-in-law Darold found a partially-completed T-bucket project on Craigslist, being offered by fellow who had taken it on trade but had no interest in completing the job. It was in pieces. And, said pieces were in definite need of positioning and refinement. So here we are.


The new wheel and tire package has just been added, to get a feel for how the car will sit.  A number of chassis and suspension changes have already been made and he’s been fitting things together, fine-tuning along the way.  And though there’s no hard timeline to completion, you’ll see periodic updates here as the project progresses.

So, consider yourself invited to this “T” party.  It’s “T” time!




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