Hot Rodding History – the World of Speed!

(Updated 2021)

Ever hear about the “World of Speed” Motorsports Museum?  I hadn’t.  I stumbled across it, by accident really, during a trip to visit family in Portland, Oregon.  And even though the schedule was a little cramped my chauffeurs gamely agreed to drop me off there for “an hour or two.” I could easily have spent the entire day!


Now, the bad news: As you may be aware, the COVID-19 pandemic struck the World of Speed in much the same way as it did the rest of the globe. Due to mandatory shutdowns by the state of Oregon and the length of time for the projected closure, the museum’s board could not see a clear path to continue operations. The museum has now closed. You can read details here:



For all those in the Pacific Northwest and visitors from across the country who appreciate the thrills, history and legacy of motorsports, the museum’s closure leaves a huge hole.

I’m glad I had the chance to visit when I did. You can see my photos by clicking here.

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