Dashing – Part (Chevy!) II

A couple quick updates to the wiring/dashboard/gauge cluster project: Almost done!


The main gauge cluster (containing the speedo and factory indicator lights) is now back in place. Originally chromed plastic, my gauge bezel was scuzzy and worn. A brightly plated reproduction is available, but hovering around a C-note plus shipping it doesn’t really fit the budget right now. Thus, the trusty rattle-can treatment: Rustoleum “Cast Coat” Iron Gray.  Subtle, understated yet a nice contrast to the freshly-sprayed black dash panel… and best of all, cheap! The clear lens that covers the gauges was dirty and scratched, so some elbow grease and fine rubbing compound brought that back to life as well. Careful assembly meant the still-original steering column had to be loosened and dropped away from the bottom of the dash to avoid scratching everything to pieces as the cluster was slipped into place. And then, to wrap up the Lokar column shift linkage installation shown a few posts ago – a Turbo 350-compatible shift pattern indicator. Chrome polish cleaned the indicator bezel, fresh paint was applied to the pointer on the column, and here we are:


That new shifter action is silky-smooth. Next, the rest of the switches get installed as well as the glove box and door.  The accessory three gauge panel with gauges is mounted below the dash and finally, the color on the top of the dash gets sanded and rubbed out.



And here’s a sneak preview of upcoming “braking” news!


That’s it for this portion – to get to the next update, click here.

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