The “Off-Season”

50chevy in snow_800_labl
From the archives: c. 1950 in Big Stone County, Minnesota.

It’s the time of year to look back, to reflect, to plan. To learn from mistakes (yep, I still make ’em!) and pledge to do better. A time to recharge batteries… and maybe with the emphasis on electric-powered vehicles that might be an appropriate observation. So I hope this “off-season” brings you a way to do that, however you choose to do so. As I hang my new car-photo calendar on the wall, I’ll find myself paging through the old one and reminiscing about what it represents: an earth-cycle now history, never to be repeated, sown up and sealed, the good times and the not-so-much, and for some odd reason finding the cars themselves holding a little less importance. Oh, I still dig ’em; pretty sure I always will. But just as much as the cars, I relish the experiences that the cars have brought and the great people that have shared the passenger seat over the years. You may very well be part of that, and I thank you. If not, thinking ahead, I still thank you. Because there will always be new friends to meet and as long as there’s a vehicle, new roads to explore. I hope your travels are as pleasant and fun-filled as mine have been. As a new decade begins, may your garage stay warm and inviting and your roads be smooth. Dig the drive!

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