Chicken Chase – Covid Edition!

In spite of all the cancellations and non-events happening this year, the Lake Area Cruisers decided enough was enough. They left the virus in the dust, hit the road and the 40th “Chicken Chase” went on as planned.

A socially-distant get together in the spacious parking lot at Rosalie’s Restaurant, Bakery and Lounge in Sisseton SD formed the core. One by one, cars trickled in and joined the lineup. While some of the attendees dug into Rosalie’s tasty breakfast menu, others wandered around checking rides and mentally preparing for the cruise that was to come. Somewhere after high noon, a string of cars headed east to the day’s destination: a private car and automobilia collection in western Minnesota.

Me ? I missed out on the tour because I was making a scheduled trip north to Fargo to visit offspring. Even so, I had to swing west to check out the chicken, the cars, and the eats. They were all good.

You can see more event photos and video on the Lake Area Cruisers’ Facebook page.

Want to know more about the Chicken Chase and its history? Click here.

Meantime, get behind the wheel and “dig the drive”! Stay healthy, safe travels, and thanks for dropping by Terry’s Garage!

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