The Return of GSTA

Hitting the road before dawn, I skated along an icy early April highway and slogged my way through a thick fog all the while thinking, “This better be worth it…!”

I needn’t have worried. The destination was the 64th Annual Gopher State Timing Association’s long-delayed spring fling and it seemed there were more than a few others with the same intent. Upon arrival, we found a parking spot somewhere in the fairgrounds’ Northwest Territory (pretty sure we could see the northern lights from there!) and after a brisk morning walk joined the lineup waiting outside the coliseum. Not sure when I’ve seen the ticket line quite that extended; GSTA had to be pleased with Saturday’s spectator turnout.

Inside, this rod-and-custom reunion and rite of spring, as it does every edition, showcased about anything cool on wheels: rods, customs, musclecars, bikes, go-carts, drag machines, model cars… and did you see that neat baby stroller!? Scattered throughout all that, a multi-generational crowd stood by taking selfies with kids, talking shop, bench-racing, renewing acquaintances and getting stories behind the vehicles from the folks who brought them. As I watched people moving around, I reminded myself that those of us who like snapping pictures at events had better not complain about working around crowds of people who might think they get in our way. Over the years I’ve had folks actually apologize to me for walking by or standing next to a car as I’m snapping. To those spectators/BS’ers/strollers-by with the sparkle of chrome in your eye: you’re just as important to the success of an event like this as the vehicles on display. So look and linger all you want. It’s your show too.

Thanks to traveling companions Doug and his son Joe for making it an enjoyable day. And to the GSTA and all those who made the 2022 show a reality: Welcome back!

Want to see a few more photos? You can click here.

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