Flashback: The Colonial Williamsburg Rod Run

It was May of 1973. My dad and I were in Newport News Virginia visiting my sister and her family. And…. one of the “tourist trap” stops we made just happened to put us right next door to what I presume was the host hotel for the Tidewater Street Rod Association’s Colonial Williamsburg Rod Run.

Hence, this unplanned but totally cool side trip through the parking lot. The rest of my family waited patiently while I toted my camera around, shot photos, and eventually drifted back to rejoin them. Thanks to some previous event coverage by Rod & Custom Magazine I knew a bit about the host club and the Williamsburg run. So being there in the middle of it was pretty bigtime for a rural Minnesota kid – even if my own ‘glass-bodied ’26 “T” roadster was still under construction some 1500 miles away. In fact, that might have been my first experience at an actual rod run since my membership and involvement with the Minnesota Street Rod Association didn’t begin until later that year. As you browse through the images, keep in mind that these were pre-digital days. My camera held just 12 exposures on a single roll of film, and I used up 8 of those right there in the parking lot.

Priorities, right? Hmmm… who’d have thought?! Enjoy.

4 Replies to “Flashback: The Colonial Williamsburg Rod Run”

    1. Hi Steve, I appreciate the good words. It’s always fun to look back; thanks for following along!

  1. Terry , could you post this. on group ,Friends of Colonial Williamsburg Oldtimers 73 and up…Thanks Jack

    1. Jack, I did see that Mike, admin for your page had already posted a link so it’s there. Thanks for the comment, take care! -Terry

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