Drag Week 2022

Hot Rod Magazine “Drag Week”, 19-23 September 2022. Five days. Four drag strips. More road trips. It takes serious dedication to go the distance.

Having had the chance to follow Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week in person in 2021, I knew I wanted to join the entourage if the route ever made a return to this part of the country. When the route was announced earlier in the year it was originally scheduled to make stops at drag strips well to my south. But when an unexpected turn of events brought it back to the midwest, how could I say “no”? Three buddies and I hit the road. Destination: “1320 Ron Leek Way”, a.k.a. Byron Dragway for Drag Week’s third pavement-pounding day.

On Thursday, day 4 of Drag Week found us at Cordova Dragway, Cordova IL. It was my first time there so before I dug out the camera I had to load up on track swag – you know, the souvenirs like t-shirts, hat, decals…. From there it was off to the track, the pit area, the staging lanes, the burnout box, more pit area, and birds-eye views from the grandstands. Not a bad seat in the place.

Another year, another Drag Week in the books. After just a couple of days as a spectator I came home tired, sunburned and broke so I can’t imagine what the Drag Week participants go through. But the next time this endurance test comes back to my neighborhood…. yep, I’m in!

Posted next to the staging lanes at Cordova Dragway.

One heckuva show. To see my photo gallery: Drag-Week-2022

For full results you can go to Hot Rod Magazine online: Click here.

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