The “Big Apple”

It was the third weekend in September 2022, notable for a couple of reasons. Mainly, summer had pretty much evaporated around these parts. But on second thought, area car people weren’t giving up without one last kick. Thus, the Applefest Car Show. Set up along a shaded street in uptown Appleton Minnesota, the Tri-County Street Rods crew and friends brought together some of the area’s coolest cars and drivers for Appleton’s citywide celebration.

Around noon, participants were beckoned over to picnic tables for a seasoned-pork-chop-on-a-stick dinner with beans and homemade potato salad – all included with the registration. And believe me, it was tasty.

An hour or so later, after the meal had settled, the Top 10 award plaques were presented.

And with that, folks started rolling out for home. Short, sweet, and complete – that’s how you do it. Thanks to all who participated, and especially to the TCSR members who came together to host what would be one of the area’s last “formal” car-get-togethers of the season. Which begs the question: where did the summer go?

We’re working on that one. We’ll get back to you.

2 Replies to “The “Big Apple””

    1. Agreed! One neat thing they’ve done is include that meal with registration, not many shows do that. Shorter show hours are nice too. Leaves time in your day for other things – one participant had already been to another show that same day in Canby. Several others were heading out afterward for a show in Morris.
      Thanks for the comment!

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