Broadening the horizons…

2011 Car Craft Summer Nationals

Deep into Car Season 2011: With the Nova undergoing some minor upgrading, I remain on the spectator shift but we’ve still taken the time to hit the road to a few events this summer. The most recent trip pointed us to the Twin Cities once again, as some buddies and I crashed the gate at the Car Craft Summer Nationals. I had never been to that event before, but thoroughly enjoyed it. While the emphasis is on muscle (and how!!) there’s a lot more to see and the place is a virtual idea factory if you’re anywhere into a project. There are styles, tips and tricks here that you just don’t get the chance to explore otherwise. That’s part of what I love about these larger events – broadening the horizons!

There are a bunch of photos here.

Meantime, be safe and “dig the drive”!

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