The Chevy Too Project – Going Together

We’re in the middle of a nasty stretch of winter here in the northland. Yes, the Chevy II project has been sort of on a parade lap. Lack of heat in the garage may have something to do with it. But there are ways around that. Bring it indoors.


Yes, that IS the kitchen sink! The crud-covered inner headlight bucket mounts and some other smaller pieces were cleaned here.  Soapy water and a stiff bristle brush worked wonders, and best of all the water didn’t freeze before I was done.

And yes, I did clean up after myself!

There was another process that could be moved indoors: prepping the inner side of the hood for primer and a finish coat. The spraying can’t be done here of course, but the sanding sure can. So I carted the hood indoors, down the steps and into my basement workshop. Propping it bottom-side-up on the workbench, I switched on the tv and went to work. A tedious job, the task ate up the better part of a bunch of evenings and a weekend. But the inside of the hood is now nearly ready to spray.


Spraying will happen when (if!) the weather warms. Epoxy primer, then single-stage urethane in original Polar White will cover the inner surfaces of the hood and front fenders so the sheet metal can be hung back on the car. Slow as it is, it’s still progress. For the next chapter, click here!

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