Film and Flashbacks

In previous posts I’ve made here, I may have casually mentioned some comparisons between the days of limited exposures from a film camera, and the current monstrous cell phone and tablet cameras that can hold thousands of images. And although those big batches of photos from one event might lean toward sensory overload, we really do have it pretty good when it comes to surveying those car activities we can’t attend in person. No matter what the event, someone will take the time to throw up a collection of pictures or video online, usually within a very short time.

Instant gratification.

Who remembers waiting for a magazine to show up three months after the gathering and squinting over a page or two of dinky black and white pictures? Stuff like that has been partially blamed for the downgrading of print media. But somewhere along the line, something strange has happened. There’s been a bit of growth in limited-circulation, niche-oriented car magazines. In fact, one of the premier hot rod related titles, having suspended publication sometime back, is apparently in the process of a rebirth and according to several sources a new issue is reportedly being printed. And get this – among a select group of photographers there also seems to be a resurgence in the use of…. FILM!??

Everything old is new again. I figure I can easily keep up with this trend, because I’ve got film. Lots of film. I hope to dedicate a little more time digging through that film and sharing a few bits and pieces here along with whatever newer content I can dig up.

Terry’s Garage goes “retro”. Watch for it. As always, thanks for stopping by. Dig the drive!

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