Back to “Back to the Fifties”!

During the month of June, car folks from across the country pack the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for the Minnesota Street Rod Association’s legendary “Back to the Fifties” weekend. It’s an event like no other. And this year, the 48th annual, a good share of those folks (in other words just about anybody who can carry a cell phone camera!) will again be posting photos and video from the fairgrounds. So even if you’re not attending in person, no matter where you find yourself, you can still catch a good slice of the action online.

So this time around, instead of trying to keep up with those maniacs who post 800 pictures from one day in their online gallery (!!) I thought it might be fun to dig back in my archives to share a few snaps I’ve taken during the earlier years. Think: “pre-digital” and “pre-cell-phone”. Think: “twelve or twenty-four exposures on a roll of film”. Got it?

These photos were taken in 1984. Saturday’s festivities were limited to the Machinery Hill area of the fairgrounds, not the entire grounds as things are today. On Sunday, the swap meet was held on the paved surface of the state fair’s former racetrack and the entire show was contained within the racetrack’s grass infield. I didn’t take 800 pictures. But…. I did get a few. (The last color shot is the rear quarter of our ’39 Ford coupe, along with part of the crew we ran with, soaking up the Sunday sun.)

Yeah, I have more, from other years. Many more. While I haven’t attended Back to the Fifties every year, we have made enough of them to amass quite a collection of photos. I’ll be digging through them from time to time, so stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by Terry’s Garage. And “dig the drive”!

2 Replies to “Back to “Back to the Fifties”!”

  1. Bob Brown’s old silver w/black fenders looks just as good today as it did back then. I sure miss the swap meets on the track!

    1. Our old coupe carried those colors proudly so I kinda had a thing for silver cars with black fenders! Still do. Great combination. Thanks for the comment!

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